Hello from Becky

May 14, 2017

Hi, welcome to my Blog… Just hit play on the video below for an introduction to me and my work as a wedding photographer in Marbella, London and worldwide.

I photograph weddings and portraits in Marbella, London, the UK and worldwide. I am a Brit who grew up in London and then when I became a mother I relocated to Andalucia, bringing up my son, Charlie there.

We are now happily based between Spain and London. I enjoy life as a mother, photographer, storyteller and filmmaker and I am lucky enough to be commissioned by clients from destinations all over the world for weddings, events and portrait.  I hope you enjoy some of the joyful images on this site, and if you would like to talk to me about a project, then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

I have put this video about me here as the first step for us to “meet” and so now please GET IN TOUCH so that I can send you an Engagement Gift!

x Becky

Nada + Adrian’s Wedding Highlights Video

December 9, 2017

Nada and Adrian celebrated their wedding vows at The Dairy in Buckinghamshire. It was a wonderful wedding day, with joy, love and laughter throughout.

It was an honour to film the day and be part of something so special. Congratulations to Nada and Adrian, and thank you to both families for such an amazing occasion. Hope you enjoy the highlights below! x Becky

Priya + Av Engagement Shoot | Hyde Park, London

November 18, 2017

It was a pleasure to meet Priya and Av and take a few relaxed pictures for an Engagement Portrait in the months before their wedding in the UK.  Here are just a couple to look at for now as I prepare their wall portrait. Ooh, it is going to be gorgeous!



Luci and Alex | The Wedding Slideshow

September 28, 2017


Luci and Alex celebrated their wedding vows overlooking the beach of Estepona. It was an amazing wedding day, and here is the photo slideshow for the happy couple and their families to re-live the experience at their leisure. xx

Luci + Alex | Sneak peek

September 27, 2017


Just a couple of photos of this beautiful couple who celebrated their wedding day at the Tikitanos between Marbella and Estepona. As seagulls flew overhead and the sea could be heard in the background, they held their romantic ceremony in the gardens overlooking the beach.


It was such an amazing day, for many reasons, including a serious wind factor that only proved Luci and Alex’s dignity.  The couple were elegant and on point throughout their ceremony.


We can see how happy this Bride has made her Groom by the look on his face when they are pronounced Man and Wife. I love this moment between them.groom-hugs-bride-ceremony-costa-del-sol

I am looking forward to sharing the full wedding photographs and slideshow very soon. Congratulations to the Happy Couple xx


Julie + Patrick | Happy Wedding Anniversary

August 21, 2017

Happy Wedding Anniversary to Julie and Patrick who married at the Catholic Church in Mijas and held their funky celebration in the Beatriz Palace in Benalmadena. They were total stars on this scorcher of an August summer’s afternoon, and their stunning daughter, Olivia, was an angel throughout the day – almost as much a pleasure to photograph as her mother.bride-groom-laugh-mijas-church-wedding-ceremony

The ceremony took place in the beautiful church in Mijas Pueblo, with the priest providing equal measures of harmony and humour; we’ve never seen such laughter and this was a truly fabulous experience.funny-wedding-photo-mijas-church

And I still remember the best octagenarian dancer EVER… When family members told me that we would be surprised, I thought they were exagerating, but in fact – Julie’s mum totally rocks!

Happy Anniversary to the couple!

A flight to your Marbella Wedding for your dress

August 16, 2017


Whilst sending out those wedding invites and working out how many guests are coming to your destination wedding in Spain, you wake up one morning and think to yourself, “What about my dress?!!!” I mean, unless you are having it made in Spain, it needs to come with you to the wedding…

So, your wedding photographer is going to be ready to photograph the bridal details on the morning of your wedding – your dress, shoes and all the special treasures you are thinking about now – and when you put that dress on, it is going to be perfect – this is the moment when it becomes real. You may be asking your father to come in. He will gasp as he sees you, he will hold back his tears as there you are, ready to be given away, and then there is your walk down the aisle, and all eyes are upon you… It’s that beautiful moment.

And so, there is a very simple Plus One to remember when booking flights! The dress needs a seat on the plane too…

And for those of you who are truly decadent (you know who you are!) you might even need two seats on the plane… if you have two dresses. Many brides marrying in Spain do change their wedding dress for the evening, not only because the dresses are just so beautiful, who wouldn’t want one for the daytime and another for the evening? But also because your formal dress may be a bit heavy or ornate for the evening celebration and you may want something light or easy to move in so that you can dance…

So, you are going to look gorgeous, and so is your dress. Don’t forget to book your dress a seat on the plane!



Wedding Photographers Love Bridesmaids!

August 9, 2017

I got to thinking about Bridesmaids after watching the movie of the same name… For a wedding photographer – not just in Spain, but anywhere – Bridesmaids are a dream – they look great, have fun, and take care of YOU – the Bride – what’s not to love?

The film “Bridesmaids” is a humorous look at what can happen between best friends in the build up to a wedding, and it made me think about what is important for a bridesmaid (to help her friend) on the big day. She is there at all the key events as you prepare to come to your wedding in Spain, but on the morning of the wedding day a Maid of Honour, or Bridesmaid can make the difference to your whole wedding! And so, how is it different in Spain to your home town? Well, just as at any  wedding, the bride is always in demand… One thing that a brilliant bridesmaid can do, is be her friend’s advocate. Everyone has last minute questions for the bride on the morning of the wedding, from vendors to family members, so a Bridesmaid who can hold on to the Bride’s cell phone, and who can answer as many questions as possible is worth her weight in gold! This can really allow the Bride to enjoy herself as she gets ready, and to focus on the day…


As a wedding photographer I have seen so many bridesmaid moments that show how friendship is amazing between women. Especially when a Bride is getting ready – whether in her hotel, or a country villa – her bridesmaids are there as the nerves build, as the emotion grows – and there is often a Bridesmaid’s voice of sanity declaring “Time to open a bottle of Bubbly” and laughter fills the room…

There is no age limit when you are choosing your bridesmaids! Children in the wedding party always look amazing, and young bridesmaids love the chance to be dressed up and made up like their grown-up counterparts! And they will make everybody happy as they play, run and dance and generally are ridiculously cute. If it is a beach wedding, children are fabulous for being the first to take their shoes off and show everyone how to party!

Really fab bridesmaids find the Bride and Groom to bring Champers (even on a romantic wander with their wedding photographer through Spanish landscapes)! Yay!

The movie poster for the film, Bridesmaids. I love the attitude in this pose – it is like the “Anti-Wedding” pose. Very Rock ‘n’ Roll.

Getting to know a Destination Wedding Photographer – It’s like Online Dating!

August 8, 2017


I was tickled pink to think that choosing your wedding photographer is a lot like online dating. But then when I think about it some more, I think we can take some tips from that…

A few years ago a friend of mine was bewailing his experience of online dating, as he was having no luck. I couldn’t understand this as he is a goodlooking guy with fun conversation, and was looking for a longterm relationship… Isn’t that what women are seeking?

So I helped him write a totally new profile – just focussing on the points that women are more interested in (IMHO)…

A few photos uploaded, and something written that demonstrates he really has a sense of humour – and his situation totally turned around. He could hardly keep up with all the interest he then got.

As Wedding Suppliers, much like online dating, we have to do our best to show who we really are as well as what we do. As a Wedding Photographer, I have to let you get to know me to see if you want to go forward!

Your photographer is important because if you, the Bride, hire a photographer to document your wedding, you need to like that person. A lot. And you need to trust them too. You will be with your photographer more than anyone else (the groom included) on your wedding day. So by the end of the day when you come to dance with your father, and all the big moments have passed, I want you to still be smiling!

bride-laughs-dance-with father


So here are some tips to brides choosing their wedding photographer…  After all, you want to find a photographer who fits as perfectly as a glass slipper.


Finding your Photographer Online – Sharpe Tips

1. Do The Research
Photographers have resources at our fingertips to create an online identity to convey who we are – in our websites, blogs, and other social media like Facebook. You might realize you share the same humour, or have similar interests or find a photographer’s point of view enlightening. The opposite can be true as well, so be sure to follow up your research with some communication…

2. Email or Telephone 
An email to say hi is always a great start. If you find that you only get an automated response from a photographer by email and then you are ignored… how can I say this?! That is not a beginning of a great relationship.

If you are looking to communicate with the photographer best suited for you, it’s best to email a couple of times and see how your chosen photographer responds. But you will also want to progress to chatting to your photographer too… So, at some point before the wedding, I suggest picking up the phone – possibly as a scheduled call if you are busy, and if your photographer is busy (we are! but not too busy to talk to you!).

3. Read The “About Me” Section
The best pitch a photographer has to capture a bride’s attention is this section on our website. This is our opportunity to let you know who we are and what we’re passionate about… As Brits we may not want to be seen to be bragging, but we are using this Biography section to introduce ourselves to you – so you can choose if you want to go to the next stage of our relationship.

4. Ask Away

Don’t be afraid to ask any and every question. A professional wedding photographer knows a bride is preparing to draft an all-star team for her wedding day, so you can ask whatever questions you need to ensure you feel good about your decision to book someone.


My friend’s dating worked out really well for him and he is now in a serious relationship as a result. In the same way, if a photographer can put themselves out in a personal capacity — offering a bride to get to know them better — chances are the relationship will be happy, professional and mutually beneficial.

If you would like to know more about me, then please GET IN TOUCH so that I can start by offering you an Engagement Gift!