Hello from Becky

May 14, 2017

Hi, welcome to my wedding and portraits blog… I am Becky Sharpe and it is my mission to capture Love in the moments of joy and beauty that pass so quickly.

Just hit play on the video below for more of an introduction to me and my work as a wedding and portrait photographer in Marbella, London and worldwide.

I am fortunate to be invited to moments of great meaning in the lives of families, and I aim to capture the emotion in the people and in the moments they share – both in photography and film.
I share some examples of my work here on this blog to spread the love in the beautiful moments of emotion and connection.
I hope you enjoy viewing some of the online images here and if you would like to chat to me please do get in touch.

I grew up in London and then when I became a mother I relocated to Andalucia, bringing up my son, Charlie there. We are now happily based between Spain and London.

I enjoy life as a mother, photographer, storyteller and filmmaker and I am lucky enough to be commissioned by clients from destinations all over the world to capture the moments in their lives that have meaning.

I hope you enjoy some of the images on this site, and if you would like to talk to me about a project, then don’t hesitate to get in touch!

x Becky

Ana and Antonio’s Wedding in Marbella

May 17, 2018

Here are the wedding photographs from an amazing day; starting with Ana preparing at home with her beautiful little boy and family. Antonio meanwhile was getting ready at his parents’ house in downtown Marbella, and having fun!

Ana’s exquisite attention to detail made everything just perfect; from the details of her beautiful jewellery and choice of accessories to wear, to the cake and sweet trolley at the celebration venue – The Guadalmina Hotel. The Church service at the Iglesia Rocio del Virgen was a full spanish catholic ceremony and it was beautiful to see.

It was a pleasure and an honour to photograph this special day and be with the families of Ana and Antonio to capture the special moments of their marriage.


Emma and Dave’s Chelsea Wedding

May 17, 2018

It was such a pleasure to photograph Emma and Dave’s wedding in Chelsea. They both had children when they met and fell in love, and so it was lovely to see the children from both sides take part in the day. It was really special. Congratulations to the newlyweds x


Ana and Antonio’s Wedding Slideshow

May 17, 2018

Ana and Antonio were married at the Iglesia Virgen del Rocio in San Pedro de Alcantara and celebrated afterwards at the Guadalmina Hotel, Marbella. It was a wonderful day, full of joy and family fun, with great dancing to end the day.

It was an honour to be invited to photograph the day and spend time with both families – Many Congratulations to Ana and Antonio; Enhorabuena! Thank you to the families for sharing your day with us.


A little slideshow to remember the day :) Just press play!

Harper’s Naming Day

May 8, 2018

baby-mother-portrait-photographer-christeningNicola and Scott held an intimate family occasion at their London home for Harper’s Naming Day, which was in the same week she turned One.

Friends and relatives gathered around Harper and her brother Lochlan for a beautiful ceremony. I was delighted to be invited to photograph the event and am sharing this slideshow for the Hamilton family and friends to enjoy.

Just press play on the video below!


Family Portrait | Hannah and Garrett and GT

February 27, 2018


It is a wonderful thing to see how a couple are doing after their wedding. As a photographer, I guess I am documenting a story of a new family on the wedding day – two families join together in this young couple (or not so young couple sometimes too!), and then a family unit is created as the newlyweds may go on to have children of their own.

This week I was reminded of this by the gorgeous Hannah, who married Garrett in Sotogrande. It was a pleasure to see them a short number of years later with their first child, GT (pictured here). I have just heard they have a sibling for GT and it is a time for another round of congratulations! Yay.

I shall share more of the images from this wonderful portrait session we did with Garrett and all his cousins visiting their grandparents. What could be more fun and more of a challenge for a photographer than a whole load of littl’uns! Great fun.

Congratulations to Hannah and Garrett xx

Hello Baby | Portrait of a Beautiful Boy

February 25, 2018

Some babies are meant to be photographed! They play and giggle and laugh into camera. Meet Wolfie…


His parents, Tandeep and Clemens, were so delighted with his “performance” that they later wrote to ask if I minded them using the photographs to approach modelling agencies. So look out for this face on baby adverts near you!

The Importance of Dance | Wedding Thoughts

February 24, 2018

Dear Reader,

(as they used to write in books) – I was thinking about how dance is an important part of life, how it expresses emotion and feeling through the human body.

In my own independent photo and film work, this is something I love to explore, and at weddings there is that key moment of the first dance as husband and wife.

Traditionally at formal balls it was the guest of honour who was to start the dancing; a member of the Royal family if any were present. And so it seems fitting that the newlyweds start the dancing as guests of honour at their own wedding party.

Historically, the couple didn’t always start the dancing alone. In her 1922 book, Etiquette, Emily Post suggested that newlyweds should join their guests on the dancefloor, and dance together a little before moving on to dance with other partners.

Nowadays a couple may skip their first dance if they choose, and the whole wedding party with guests can start to dance at the same time. Although there has been a recent trend in couples putting on quite a performance – they may be secretly (or not so secretly) practising a routine or choreographed dance.


Well, to end, here, for your fun and amusement are some more of Emily Post’s thoughts on what we don’t want on the


dance floor:

“The extreme reverse of a “smart” Boston ball is one—no matter where—which has a roomful of people who deport themselves abominably, who greet each other by waving their arms aloft, who dance like Apaches or jiggling music-box figures, and who scarcely suggest an assemblage of even decent—let alone well-bred—people.”

Portrait of Cheryl | Seated with Golden Retriever

February 23, 2018

I love this picture of Cheryl with her handsome dog, and so even though it isn’t a new portrait I want to share it here with you. I think she looks beautiful and elegant, and it has nostalgia as the golden retriever didn’t live for long after this. (aww)

I remember when Cheryl first contacted me to come and take some portraits of her: We chatted on the phone and within about two minutes we were like old friends.

She told me she had recently fallen in love, in her late sixties. I found this inspiring and joyful, and I was delighted to be able to help her give some pictures to the handsome new man in her life…

She mentionned that it would be lovely for him to have some images of her “before she lost her looks” (I paraphrase). I have to say I felt nervous, but only until I went and met her.

Even though it is my own philosophy that beauty is not age-related and is deeper than the superficial; I am often surprised and delighted when it is affirmed.