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Erin and PJ

This is a Seville wedding video that captures the spirit of an amazing couple in love. In late July it was a pleasure to film the amazing wedding of the lovely Australian couple, Erin and PJ in Mazagon and Seville. It was a hot drive from Malaga, phew! (That’s July for you!) But so great to get there – the region of Huelva is beautiful and not far from Malaga.

Erin was preparing in the charming Parador de Mazagon… Erin has the kind of natural elegance that makes it a pleasure to capture her every movement, and now that we see the video of this gorgeous pair I find that they have a very French Movie feel to me… I think it is something about Erin herself, a Je ne sais quoi that she has!  So, unique and unusual as Erin and PJ are themselves, so was their day…

None of the ten wedding guests knew the plan for the day, so they didn’t know where PJ was taking them as they boarded the coach in Seville. So imagine their surprise as they find themselves whisked off to a beach ceremony!  It was great fun, and true Australian inventiveness as everyone donned their custom-made flip flops to go down to the sandy shore… It was all going smoothly in the hot sun, with local spaniards flocking around the group – until the sea came crashing over us all and soaked everyone up to the knees! Lots of laughs! After a wander around Seville it was time for fun and flamenco in Sanlucar La Mayor, at the amazing El Bulli...

A great day for everyone.  Thank you to the gorgeous couple, Erin and PJ, and to your guests, and many congratulations!

Hugs from Becky and the team at Sharpe Love Films xxxx