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Laufey & Jake | Wedding

 Jake and Laufey were married in the summer at the Marbella Club Hotel… It was an amazing day and a pleasure to photograph the joining of two gorgeous families, especially as the couple had their twins baptised as part of the ceremony.

One thing became very apparent to me about these lovely two people as the evening’s speeches entertained their guests. Their personalities are so different to each other, and this is no doubt why they are such a perfect match. There were funny tales of Jake’s gregarious behaviour, as he is the kind of guy who makes new friends wherever he goes… an outgoing extrovert by nature. He contrasts his bride – a quiet and considerate Scandinavian beauty.

Their love story began when Jake started up a conversation with Laufey in a queue for a cashpoint in London. Jake had just booked a three month “Boys Only” trip to South America, but now he had met Laufey, there was no way he could enjoy three months without seeing her.

So what’s a guy to do?

He sent her a plane ticket (much to the annoyance of his friends on the trip) and South America became a  romantic trip for couple…

And that was just the beginning.

Cut to a few years later. Happy, gorgeous couple, beautiful twins, time to say “I do…” Maybe his mates have finally forgiven him!

Here are the images of Jake and Laufey’s stunning wedding at the Marbella Club…