Getting to know a Destination Wedding Photographer – It’s like Online Dating!

August 8, 2017

I was tickled pink to think that choosing your wedding photographer is a lot like online dating. But then when I think about it some more, I think we can take some tips from that… A few years ago a friend of mine was bewailing his experience of online dating, as he was having no […]

Hello from Becky

May 14, 2017

Hi, welcome to my Blog… Just hit play on the video below for an introduction to me and my work as a wedding photographer in Marbella, London and worldwide. I photograph weddings and portraits in Marbella, London, the UK and worldwide. I am a Brit who grew up in London and then when I became […]


Flamenco Moments | The real Spain

May 24, 2016

After thirteen years living in Spain, one of the things I love is the authenticity in Malaga. I now spend some of my time in the UK and some of my time in Malaga, and so when I come across photos like this I feel that nostalgia for “old spain” This is a few years […]

My Funny Valentine

February 14, 2016

My Funny Valentine. The amazing Ella Fitzgerald “You’re my funny valentine, sweet comic valentine You make me smile with my heart Your looks are laughable, unphotographable Yet, you’re my favorite work of art”

Are you Marrying Prince Charming?

February 2, 2016

This was when Will and Kate got married. But have you found a Prince Charming of your own?


Photographing Children | Style and Content

April 5, 2015

This lyrical image is a photograph by my mother! It is me and my brother, Mathew, who is dressed as Pan. Even though I am dressed as a fairy, there seems to be some sibling rivalry here over the flute!

Time Passes | A moment Captured in a Photo

February 17, 2015

Time is a strange phenomena. Sometimes it seems like just a moment ago that something happened, and we look at a photograph and notice that in fact several years have passed. Or the reverse – we find ourselves saying “but how can it be only three years? So much has happened! The kids have changed so […]


Art as Inspiration for my Photography

February 5, 2015

I am very interested in the history of photography, and it influences the way I make pictures. The image above is a low-light portrait of Katie, and it connects for me with the many images of naked women I have seen in fine art photography over the years. One of the strongest influences on me […]